Your Dreams Need You to Be Courageous

On November 9, 2009, in Confidence Building, Find a Way, by Bonnie Jean Schaefer

It’s Find a Way to Do What You Dream Day!

Finding a way to do what you dream starts with you being a person of great character. Being a person of great character involves being trustworthy, being passionate and being focused.

To be trustworthy, passionate and focused, you must develop 12 core ‘champion’ traits. Last week, we talked about unleashing your creativity.

Today, we’re going to talk about the fourth characteristic that comes from the heart and sets Champion Dream Doers apart from Normalites: COURAGE.

Why should you advance with courage?

You should be courageous because it takes courage to live your dreams.

You can be passionate and enthusiastic and creative, but if you don’t take that last step and advance toward your dreams with courage, you’ll always be too scared to break through your comfort zones and do what you dream.

What is courage?

Courage is taking bold action in spite of fear. That means that you move forward toward your dreams even when you’re scared. You recognize your fear, face it and deal with it instead of hiding from it and waiting for that fear to go away before you take any action.

In a nutshell, courage is faith. Without faith, fear wins. You have to believe that the next step you take—no matter how painful, difficult or challenging you think that step will be—you have to believe that step will give you the results you want: living your dreams.

And it’s always easier to be courageous when you’ve unleashed your creativity, which is why we talked about your creativity last week.

How can you advance toward your dreams with courage?

To help you advance with courage, follow these steps:

  1. Write down one dream you feel the most passionate about.
  2. Finish this sentence: I feel scared or nervous when I think about living this dream because ______________________.
  3. Answer this question: why should I chase this dream even though I’m scared or nervous? Then take the action that scares you!

What can you do NOW to be courageous?

Practice being courageous by doing something right now that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared or nervous. For instance, if you’re not used to telling your friends or family about your dreams, face that fear and tell them anyway!

The more you practice being courageous with simple things, the easier it will become to be courageous with bigger things, like taking action that helps you live your dreams instead of just keeping your dreams in your head.

Then next week, we’ll begin to discuss the traits you need to develop that help you become mentally tough. We’ll start with the first part of Dream Doer Rule #4: clarify your FOCUS.

Until next time, remember that you always find a way to do what you dream when you stick to your strengths.

To Your Dreams,
Bonnie Jean

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