A Passion for Dreaming

On March 18, 2010, in Be Passionate, by Bonnie Jean Schaefer

Few things excite me more than dreaming.

Now I’m not talking about the dreams I dream when I sleep.  That’s not what excites me.  What I am talking about are the dreams I get to control with my imagination when I’m awake.

I love imagining who I want to be, what I want to do, places I want to visit, adventures I want to experience.  I express my passion for these things by setting specific goals I want to achieve, then doing what it takes to hit those goals. 

For example, one of my adventure goals was to ride a bike in Germany.  So when I had a chance to visit Germany this past summer, I made it my mission to find a bike to ride while there.

It turns out that the hotel where we stayed in Berlin had bikes they let their guests ride for free.  So one evening, my friends and I borrowed the bikes and had a fun ride on a trail alongside a lake.

Now I also love imagining stories about people who aren’t real and have nothing to do with me.  The way I express my passion for making up characters and telling stories about these characters is through writing fiction.

I’ve already published one book, The Dream Doers and the Summer of Secrets.  Now I’m working on the sequel.  But I’m finding a new way to express my passion for telling the story of my characters by writing a movie script.  Learning the format is challenging, but it’s also lots of fun!

All right…your turn.  What do you have a passion for?  And how do you live like  a Dream Doer and EXPRESS your passion?

Please share your passion with me in the comment section!

To your dreams,
Bonnie Jean

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